Monday, May 6, 2013

WITHDRAWN a senior thesis exhibit

April 17, 2013
Montserrat Gallery
301 Cabot St Beverly, MA
Cream and India Ink in Water
Video by Myra Thornton
Sarah Maeder

Loren Doucette

Loren Doucette and Buddy Quinn

Doucette, Quinn, Maeder, Thornton

Sculptures by Buddy Quinn

Work from Sam King , Tom Maio, Sara Benson, Justin Durso and Tiffany Bargeron

Drawing by Sam King

Family Installation by Loren Doucette

Wire Forms by Loren Doucette

Touchy Feely Show, SPACE Gallery, Beverly, MA

On a Cellular Level by Loren Doucette
Latex Paint and Graphite on Transparent Paper
Suzy Evans at Touchy Feely 
in front of Loren Doucette's "Post-Surgical Dot Series"
Wax Light Switches by Grant Archer
Grant Archer Installation of Light Switches at Touchy Feely